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Flavio Grillo Marín and Javier Balbas Blanco responsible for the website, hereinafter RESPONSIBLE, we make this document available to users, with which it intends to comply with the obligations set forth in Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), BOE No. 166, as well as informing all users of the website regarding the conditions of use. Any person accessing this website assumes the role of user, committing to the observance and rigorous compliance with the provisions set forth herein, as well as any other legal provision that may be applicable. Especially it is indicated that the web is not a diagnostic tool that replaces the opinion of a doctor, but is a tool that with artificial intelligence allows to help health and medical centers to interpret a chest x-ray. In no case does this tool or obtaining a result with this tool replace the doctor, who is the one who must prepare the diagnoses. It is also a free tool and no user is authorized to charge for the use without the express authorization of THE RESPONSIBLE. THOSE RESPONSIBLE reserve the right of access to the website or to modify any type of information that may appear on the website, without there being an obligation to pre-notify or inform users of said obligations, understanding that publication on the site is sufficient. Flavio Grillo Marín and Javier Balbas Blanco website


Flavio Grillo Marín and Javier Balbas Blanco (hereinafter RESPONSIBLE) are the owners of The tool and the website are developed by Flavio Grillo Marín and Javier Balbás Blanco, who are students of the last course in Telecommunications Engineering at the Universidad Europea de Madrid and in Electronic and Communications Engineering at the University of Hertfordshire (London). In case you want to contact us, we make the following email available:


The website, including but not limited to its programming, editing, compilation and other elements necessary for its operation, the designs, logos, text and / or graphics, are the property of those RESPONSIBLE and, where appropriate, may have been used free access programming and databases. All the contents of the website are duly protected by the intellectual and industrial property regulations. THOSE RESPONSIBLE FREELY and FREE make this website available to health authorities, health centers and sanitaries as an aid for the screening of chest radiographs due to the COVID pandemic19, although it may not be used by any party to obtain a profit or economic benefit. . In case you want to exploit, sell, distribute, use to obtain some type of profit or economic benefit, it is necessary that you previously have written authorization from the RESPONSIBLE. Any previously unauthorized use is considered a serious breach of the author's intellectual or industrial property rights and may be prosecuted in court, without prejudice to the right of THOSE RESPONSIBLE to limit access to the tool. The designs, logos, text and / or graphics outside the CONTROLLER and that may appear on the website, belong to their respective owners, being themselves responsible for any possible controversy that may arise regarding them. The RESPONSIBLE expressly authorizes third parties to redirect directly to the main website of but the third party may not insert the application on its website and collect or have an economic benefit for the use of the tool, property of THE RESPONSIBLE. To make any type of observation regarding possible breaches of intellectual or industrial property rights, as well as any of the contents of the website, you can do so via email:


THOSE RESPONSIBLE are exempt from any type of liability derived from the information published on their website, provided that this information has been manipulated or introduced by a third party not related to it. Likewise and expressly THE RESPONSIBLE expressly report that the application does not replace any doctor, so it is not a diagnostic tool and no responsibility is assumed for the results obtained, which should always be reviewed by the doctor who It is he who will assume responsibility for the diagnosis. The application does not store the images that are uploaded.

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For the resolution of all controversies or issues related to this website or the activities carried out on it, Spanish law will apply, to which the parties expressly submit, being competent to resolve all disputes arising or related to its use the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid (Spain)